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Brian Patton ist Gastronom des Jahres 2015!

LEADERS OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015: Brian Patton ist Gastronom des Jahres! Rolling Pin 2015: “Alles, was Rang und Namen in der österreichischen Gastronomie und Hotellerie hat, traf sich am 19. Oktober 2015 im Palais Coburg in Wien, um die Besten der Besten ihrer Branche auszuzeichnen. Bereits zum sechsten Mal wurde der begehrte LEADERS OF THE […]

Final Tap pic for Newsletter-web

Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015: Dining Room Re-Opening – 30 Beer & Cider Taps!

  Um diese Newsletter auf Deutsch zu lesen klicken Sie hier Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015 30 Beer and Cider Taps! We have always been obsessed with beer. From the early days we have had a wide selection of Irish, British, German, Czech and Belgian brews. Until recently this was the only way to get […]

Brian at Slow Tacos

A Look Back at Slow Tacos – One Week to Go

By Brian Patton With the final service of Slow Tacos at the Danube canal rapidly approaching (this coming Sunday, September 20 at the latest!) I have started to cast my mind back over the past nine months. This is the third pop-up concept I have been involved in at this location and I have to […]

Youtube Episode 7

The Food And Beer Geeks – final episode

In the final episode of The Food And Beer Geeks, Brian and Peter are bringing their ideas and inspirations home to Vienna! After their research in California, Brian and Peter start focusing on Austria and its wonderful produce. Visiting Thomas Helml, owner of Villa Verdin ( who’s giving them inspiring insights into the idea of […]