Charlie P’s Dining Room

Staff Trip To the “Sautanz” (“Pig Dance”)

by Martina Schumich (Financial Controller @ Charlie P’s Pub & Dining) On a cold day in November last year, Brian, Petr and I went on an excursion to a pig dance. No doubt most of you will be a bit puzzled as to what exactly that entails, so let me introduce you to one of […]

The Birth of Steak Club

by Brian Patton (Owner of Charlie P’s Pub & Dining) As anyone in the restaurant business will testify, selling steaks can be a pretty precarious enterprise financially. But I know of no other food that inspires so much passion from such a broad range of palates. From the full-blown gourmand to the most humble of […]

My favourite places to eat in Vienna

by Brian Patton (owner of Charlie P’s Pub & Dining) I get asked a lot for restaurant recommendations by friends visiting Vienna and so I thought it would serve as a good topic for a blog post. I have lived in Vienna since 1996 and grown very attached to my adopted home town. The city […]

A visit to Pollen Street Social

  by Darren Murphy, Manager of The Dining Room at Charlie P’s Every autumn, the Charlie P’s kitchen team makes a whistle-stop tour to London to feast on new ideas and check out the latest developments at the Restaurant Show – as well as to taste fantastic food at some of our favourite places to […]

The new Autumn/Winter Menu at Charlie P’s

Autumn – Winter Menu 2013/14 After weeks of tasting, testing, reducing and refining, all set off by a good few dashes of inspiration, here at Charlie P’s we’ve cooked up a corker of a new menu for you, packed with mouth-watering new specialities as well as some that have already become old favourites. Plus, for […]