Meine Preise senken? Das ist doch total verrückt!

- Brian Patton, Inhaber, The Culinary Love Band —Scroll down for English Version— Der Wert von Feedback Mir fällt auf, dass ich auf diesem Blog seit Beginn an nur unregelmäßig gepostet habe, und ich frage mich, welchen Zweck er für euch erfüllen kann. Ich persönlich schätze Blogs, die authentische Einblicke hinter die Kulissen geben und dadurch […]


The Story of ‘Me and Uwe’

By Brian Patton, Diplom Beer Sommelier and Owner, The Culinary Love Band I have thought long and hard about how to tell the sad part of this story and how much detail to go into. I have come to the conclusion that I should keep the sad part as short as possible. About 18 months […]

Dominique Featured Pic

Dominique Schilk: Beer Sommelier, Gypsy Brewer, Bierfrau vom Dienst

By Shane Mulhall & Stephanie Böhm, Communications Kommissars at The Culinary Love Band As the craft beer scene develops in Austia, there are a number of inspiring people who stand out to us at The Culinary Love Band. One of those people is Dominique Schilk of Hawidere, and more recently, Collabs fame. Dominique became the […]


Earning our Badges part 2… Ottakringer Beer Sommelier Course

by Will Stafford, Assistant Bar Manager, Charlie P’s Luckily it was not long before we were back upstairs watching Martin move the mash into the brewing kettle. This process separates the mash, the malts and oats from the now sugar-rich water in which it was boiling, known as ‘wort’. The mash was then rinsed with water […]

Earning our Badges… Ottakringer Beer Sommelier Course

by Will Stafford, Assistant Bar Manager, Charlie P’s It was with slight anxiety that I headed for Day Two of the Beer Sommeliers Course at the Ottakringer Brauerei. A feeling that was understandable but, as it turns out, unwarranted. The course was carried out completely through German and, despite my German being ‘Verdammt gut für […]