Craft Bier Fest Linz 2016… Bring on CBF Wien!

By Darren Murphy, General Manager, The Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen The Craft Bier Fest Linz was held again in April this year at the city’s Tabakfabrik, about a ten minute taxi ride from the main train station. On approach the area itself seemed pretty dull, a kind of sterile industrial heartland, but boy was I […]

Final Tap pic for Newsletter-web

Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015: Dining Room Re-Opening – 30 Beer & Cider Taps!

  Um diese Newsletter auf Deutsch zu lesen klicken Sie hier Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015 30 Beer and Cider Taps! We have always been obsessed with beer. From the early days we have had a wide selection of Irish, British, German, Czech and Belgian brews. Until recently this was the only way to get […]


A Tale of Two Peters Part 2: Peter Zinter

By Brian Patton – Owner, The Culinary Love Band Our next chapter on the food side will be lead by an Austrian chef called Peter Zinter. How we came to meet is a funny story. My eldest daughter is a serious foodie and pretty fussy with her choice of restaurants (I have no idea where […]


Earning our Badges part 2… Ottakringer Beer Sommelier Course

by Will Stafford, Assistant Bar Manager, Charlie P’s Luckily it was not long before we were back upstairs watching Martin move the mash into the brewing kettle. This process separates the mash, the malts and oats from the now sugar-rich water in which it was boiling, known as ‘wort’. The mash was then rinsed with water […]

Earning our Badges… Ottakringer Beer Sommelier Course

by Will Stafford, Assistant Bar Manager, Charlie P’s It was with slight anxiety that I headed for Day Two of the Beer Sommeliers Course at the Ottakringer Brauerei. A feeling that was understandable but, as it turns out, unwarranted. The course was carried out completely through German and, despite my German being ‘Verdammt gut für […]