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Brickmakers Beer Club Newsletter October 2015

Sign Up to The Brickmakers Beer Club Here By Judith Mehofer ( Der erste Oktober kennzeichnet nicht nur für die Brauer den Start in ein neues Braujahr sondern gibt auch uns Anlass eine ganze Menge neuer Ideen umzusetzen und Pläne zu verwirklichen. Und dabei ist dieser Newsletter erst der Beginn: Denn in den kommenden Monaten werden […]

(c) Christina Karagiannis

A Tale of Two Peters Part 1: Petr Matusny

By Brian Patton – Owner, The Culinary Love Band – Feature Photo: © Christina Karagiannis I am most delighted to share the great news that we have secured a new head chef to succeed our recently departed and much treasured Petr Matusny. I would like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about these […]

Let’s Go to Texas… Round 2

By Brian Patton Firstly my apologies for the delay in continuing since the last blog post but in between I have had a few weeks break in Ireland to recharge the batteries… So to pick up where I left off; The ‘Texas Monthly BBQ’ editor Daniel Vaughn introduced us to ,in my opinion, some of the […]