Craft Bier Fest Linz 2016… Bring on CBF Wien!

By Darren Murphy, General Manager, The Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen The Craft Bier Fest Linz was held again in April this year at the city’s Tabakfabrik, about a ten minute taxi ride from the main train station. On approach the area itself seemed pretty dull, a kind of sterile industrial heartland, but boy was I […]


Brickmakers Beer Club Newsletter October 2015

Sign Up to The Brickmakers Beer Club Here By Judith Mehofer ( Der erste Oktober kennzeichnet nicht nur für die Brauer den Start in ein neues Braujahr sondern gibt auch uns Anlass eine ganze Menge neuer Ideen umzusetzen und Pläne zu verwirklichen. Und dabei ist dieser Newsletter erst der Beginn: Denn in den kommenden Monaten werden […]

Dominique Featured Pic

Dominique Schilk: Beer Sommelier, Gypsy Brewer, Bierfrau vom Dienst

By Shane Mulhall & Stephanie Böhm, Communications Kommissars at The Culinary Love Band As the craft beer scene develops in Austia, there are a number of inspiring people who stand out to us at The Culinary Love Band. One of those people is Dominique Schilk of Hawidere, and more recently, Collabs fame. Dominique became the […]

Catching Up With The Dining Room

We had a brilliant night last Thursday when we invited the bloggers to try some dishes from our new menu and to help us choose a suggested beer to go with each of the dishes. As well as finding people who share are our passion for great food and drinks, we invited the bloggers as […]