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Beer Club Newsletter Nov. 15: Vienna Beer Week | Craft Beer Fest | Beer Flights

Vienna Beer Week – Craft Beer Fest – Beer Flights By Judith Mehofer,, Brickmakers Bier Sommelier Vienna Beer Week 16. – 22. November Verkostet, gefeiert und genossen wird in der kommenden Woche nicht nur bei uns im Brickmakers sondern auch in unseren befreundeten Craft Bier Locations in ganz Wien. Denn von 16. bis 22. […]

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Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015: Dining Room Re-Opening – 30 Beer & Cider Taps!

  Um diese Newsletter auf Deutsch zu lesen klicken Sie hier Charlie P’s Newsletter September 2015 30 Beer and Cider Taps! We have always been obsessed with beer. From the early days we have had a wide selection of Irish, British, German, Czech and Belgian brews. Until recently this was the only way to get […]

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Dominique Schilk: Beer Sommelier, Gypsy Brewer, Bierfrau vom Dienst

By Shane Mulhall & Stephanie B√∂hm, Communications Kommissars at The Culinary Love Band As the craft beer scene develops in Austia, there are a number of inspiring people who stand out to us at The Culinary Love Band. One of those people is Dominique Schilk of Hawidere, and more recently, Collabs fame. Dominique became the […]

Welcome to Charlie P’s blog!

Welcome to Charlie P’s blog, a space where the people behind Charlie P’s will be sharing their knowledge and passion for food and beer. Dubliner Brian Patton opened Charlie P’s in 1997 as an Irish pub that would cater for Vienna’s discerning beer lovers. In February 2010, Charlie P’s expanded to include a dining room […]