The Food and Beer Geeks

The Food and Beer Geeks

The Food & Beer Geeks follows restaurateur Brian and Michelin Star chef Peter around the world while they gather inspiration, meet amazing people and try some of the worlds most exciting food and drink. Beer, Food, Travel, Laughs, Best Bars & Restaurants in the World, and a few bad oysters…

One Episode released every Wednesday beginning 1st of July 2015. Season One comprises of 7 Episodes.

Let’s start this, here’s the teaser!!!

Episode 1

The Food and Beer Geeks | Episode 1 | Los Angeles Tacos & Street Food

“It’s gonna burn for a little bit…”
Brian and Peter embark on the first leg of their street food adventure to Los Angeles where they visit some street food and taqueria legends including Raul Ortega of Mariscos Jalisco food truck, Armando De La Torre of Guisados Taqueria and the friendly people at Los Guichos in South Central.

Episode 2

The Food and Beer Geeks | Episode 2 | San Francisco, Mikkeller and some Spicy Tacos

After a quick introduction to Tacos in Los Angeles, Brian and Peter travel to San Francisco to visit El Farolito (“Most Life Changing Burrito in America”!), Mission Chinese Pop-Up, the famous Mikkeller Bar SF, Toronado Craft Beer Bar, and Magnolia Gastropub and Craft Beer Bar.

Episode 3

The Food and Beer Geeks | Episode 3 | Anchor Brewing Company & Head Brewer Mark Carpenter

“An Audience with the Pope”
Brian and Peter meet one of the most famous brewers in the World, Mark Carpenter of Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, to talk craft beer, IPA and hops. Brian discovers a kindred spirit, and some design inspirations ;-).

Episode 4

The Food and Beer Geeks | Episode 4 | Vegan Tacos, Avocado Farm and More Tacos

Who knew Vegan Tacos could taste so good! Brian and Peter go back to the root, visiting an avocado farm in the California Hills, followed by a trip to Gracias Madre, an ‘all vegan’ tacos restaurant who focus on making the most of vegetables rather than ‘meat substitutes’. As their journey progresses, so does their apparent ‘bromance’!

Episode 5

The Food And Beer Geeks | Episode 5 | Street Food San Francisco, Mission Chinese, SoMa StrEat Food Park

Brian and Peter visit the famous SoMa StrEat Food Park in San Francisco together with the perfect guide, Mike Winston (, a San Francisco based foodblogger, followed by a walk through San Francisco’s Mission district with the local food & travel writer Georgia Freedman (@g_freedman). Brian also revisits Mission Chinese Food to speak to founder, Anthony Myint, about the true meaning of ‘Pop-Up’.

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