Österreichische Bierwoche (ÖBW) | 18. – 25. September

By Brian Patton, Dipl. Biersommelier & Owner, The Brickmakers

As sitting here on my terrace enjoying the last rays of summer and drinking a Hoffstettner Pils I am thinking what a lucky man I am. The new album from Radiohead playing in the background definitely helps my mood but I have to say I have enjoyed some of the most exciting times of my career during the past few weeks.

Next week from September 18. – 25. Of September we launch a new initiative called Österreichische Bierwoche at the Brickmakers. It is essentially a celebration of some of the best beers Austria that has to offer right now and the preparation for this week has led me to come accross all sorts of wonderful and inspiring people connected to the Austrian beer community. One of these is the world renowned beer journalist and Bierpapst Conrad Seidl who has curated the tap list selection for ÖBW and led me to discover gems of beers I had never heard of before. 29 different beers will be available on tap for the entire week encompassing all manners of styles and gathered from all corners of Austria. I went through the finished list yesterday with Brickmakers G.M. Darren and am blown away by the depth of choice available and not just in terms of quality but also in terms of different styles. I studied for the Diplom-Bier Sommelier last year and the beer and food pairing section was a further reinforcement for me of my opinion that beer has so much more scope in terms of flavour spectrum than wine. This is a fascinating subject for me and a highlight of the week for me is a beer and food workshop on Tuesday September 20th hosted by the amazing Birgit Rieber from BierKeeper and our very own chef Peter Zinter.


And now to the most exciting part of the week for me. I am thrilled to say that on Wednesday September 21 at 18. 30 we launch two more beers by our brewery, Me and Uwe. The first is a dry hopped pale ale called ‘Hop in the Name of Love’ and it has been brewed in collaboration with Hoffstetter Brewery. The owner of Hoffstetten, Peter Krammer will be in attendance and together we will share the background details behind this beer and how we came to make a Pale Ale with all ingredients sourced locally from Muehlviertel and most notably how we got our hands on one of Austria’s first crop of cascade hops. Our second beer will be an organic outmeal stout called Reini the Roaster. Reini Bartha ,the owner and brewer behind Gusswerk brewery will join me and help share the story of how we came to make Austria’s first ever stout brewed with only ingredients grown within the country and why he needed a washing machine to help to process! I hope to see you at some stage during ÖBW.


The Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen, Zieglergasse 42, 1070 Wien


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/689511157862592/