Blogs We Love

Below are just a few of our favourite blogs:

  • Vienna Würstelstand – the hippest English blog in Austria covering food & drink, lifestyle, events and city guides.
  • kek Kunst Essen Kino – fantastically written stories about handpicked great new stuff in Vienna by two lovely ladies!
  • The Coolinary Society – two ladies based in Vienna, bringing people with love to all culinary things together!
  • Die Frühstückerinnen - best Blog to find your personal perfect breakfast, brunch and coffee in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg (and also Berlin!!!)
  • Ziiikocht – beautiful photos and food stories from Susan.
  • Fooodie - stories inspired by food from Alexander and Stefan.
  • Esskultur - professional food writer Katharina Seiser’s take on food.
  • Havel-Petz – Ruth Havel and Sylvia Petz share their insights on food and wine.
  • Thx4cooking – delicious recipes from Parvin Razavi. Don’t forget to check out her new online cookery show!
  • Titi Laflora – Italian food lover living in Vienna who’s passionate about trout blinis and oysters. What’s not to love?
  • Falstaff Gourmet – the gourmet updates from food and travel magazine, Falstaff.
  • Compliments to the Chef – inspiring recipes with lovely photographs from food loving Sonja.
  • Coral and Mauve – a beauty and food blog written by Mirela with stunning photos and useful tips.
  • Rough Cut Blogfull of plenty of recipes to get you going in the kitchen, don’t look at this blog on an empty stomach!
  • Pixi with Milk  – another lifestyle and food blog, this time brought to you by freelance journalist Petra Gschwedntner.
  • The Stepford Husband – beautiful photographs of delicious food by fashion journalist Kevin.
  • Speising - an online community with a love of food.
  • Austrian Food Blogger - a network to help Austrian food bloggers to network and share their love of food.
  • Samphire & Salsify – a young food blogger in London and beyond

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