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Österreichische Bierwoche (ÖBW) | 18. – 25. September

By Brian Patton, Dipl. Biersommelier & Owner, The Brickmakers As sitting here on my terrace enjoying the last rays of summer and drinking a Hoffstettner Pils I am thinking what a lucky man I am. The new album from Radiohead playing in the background definitely helps my mood but I have to say I have […]


The Story of ‘Me and Uwe’

By Brian Patton, Diplom Beer Sommelier and Owner, The Culinary Love Band I have thought long and hard about how to tell the sad part of this story and how much detail to go into. I have come to the conclusion that I should keep the sad part as short as possible. About 18 months […]


Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2016

By Darren Murphy, General Manager & Beer Sommelier, The Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen  If you ever want to experience thousands of the thirstiest beer geeks you have ever seen running the 100-meter sprint in world record time, all you need to do is get in the queue outside the Copenhagen Beer Celebration and wait for […]

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Beer Club Newsletter Nov. 15: Vienna Beer Week | Craft Beer Fest | Beer Flights

Vienna Beer Week – Craft Beer Fest – Beer Flights By Judith Mehofer,, Brickmakers Bier Sommelier Vienna Beer Week 16. – 22. November Verkostet, gefeiert und genossen wird in der kommenden Woche nicht nur bei uns im Brickmakers sondern auch in unseren befreundeten Craft Bier Locations in ganz Wien. Denn von 16. bis 22. […]


Brickmakers Beer Club Newsletter October 2015

Sign Up to The Brickmakers Beer Club Here By Judith Mehofer ( Der erste Oktober kennzeichnet nicht nur für die Brauer den Start in ein neues Braujahr sondern gibt auch uns Anlass eine ganze Menge neuer Ideen umzusetzen und Pläne zu verwirklichen. Und dabei ist dieser Newsletter erst der Beginn: Denn in den kommenden Monaten werden […]