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A Tale of Two Peters Part 2: Peter Zinter

By Brian Patton – Owner, The Culinary Love Band Our next chapter on the food side will be lead by an Austrian chef called Peter Zinter. How we came to meet is a funny story. My eldest daughter is a serious foodie and pretty fussy with her choice of restaurants (I have no idea where […]

(c) Christina Karagiannis

A Tale of Two Peters Part 1: Petr Matusny

By Brian Patton – Owner, The Culinary Love Band – Feature Photo: © Christina Karagiannis I am most delighted to share the great news that we have secured a new head chef to succeed our recently departed and much treasured Petr Matusny. I would like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about these […]


Earning our Badges part 2… Ottakringer Beer Sommelier Course

by Will Stafford, Assistant Bar Manager, Charlie P’s Luckily it was not long before we were back upstairs watching Martin move the mash into the brewing kettle. This process separates the mash, the malts and oats from the now sugar-rich water in which it was boiling, known as ‘wort’. The mash was then rinsed with water […]