A Tale of Two Peters Part 1: Petr Matusny

By Brian Patton – Owner, The Culinary Love Band – Feature Photo: © Christina Karagiannis

I am most delighted to share the great news that we have secured a new head chef to succeed our recently departed and much treasured Petr Matusny. I would like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about these two chefs (new and old).

Firstly, Petr Matusny. Petr joined our team in September 2011 and moved on a couple of months ago to take up the role of Head Chef at one of my favourite restaurants in Vienna; Skopik und Lohn. I was first introduced to Petr by one of my closest friends Dave Foran who runs a super bistro in Dublin called The Larder where Petr was runningthe kitchen at that time… Greatly enthused by having eaten his food we bonded over all manners of culinary themes. Serendipity struck when a couple of years later, having moved on from the Larder, Petr’s girlfriend spied a job ad for Head Chef in our place and alerted her boyfriend to a potential move to Vienna. Petr came over to Austria armed with ten years experience in some of the finest kitchens in Ireland, most notably a fantastic restaurant called Vie En Chateaux in Naas. I would describe Petr’s cooking style as heavily influenced by the classical French kitchen fused with a love for pickling and smoking which originated , I believe , from his granny’s influence while growing up in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

Petr Matusny at It's All About The Meat Baby and Big Smoke Bar and BBQ ©Christina Karagiannis; Shane Mulhall

©Christina Karagiannis; ©Shane Mulhall


I am so grateful to have spent three years working with this chef and learned so much about food in that time. He is a chef with really impressive creativity and I loved how he embraced some of my crazy ideas with much enthusiasm and fervour. Neither of us could profess to be financial whizzkids but together as part of a kitchen team of four we fought in the trenches, sometimes under considerable financial pressure, to enjoy many highlights during his tenure. For me these would include the Dining Room’s award of a Haube (Chef’s Toque) from Gault Millau Guide 2014 and 2015, our first pop up project and burger concept ‘It’s All About the Meat Baby‘, the BBQ concept ‘Big Smoke‘ with its associated road trip to Texas and short film. I can’t stand aggression in a kitchen and Petr’s calm nature and lovely demeanour helped source and develop the kitchen brigade and the ensuing culture we have now in our kitchens. He leaves us to find adventures in pastures new and we wish him the greatest success.

To be continued….